Monday, 15 December 2014

Santa Cutlery Holder
Assembly Instructions

You have 4 components 
the main holder
white trim

Cut out all your parts

On the main holder put all your folds in ready so that it's easier for when gluing. The tab glues to the other side to make a closed box and the bottom 2 curved flaps fold up to close the bottom of the holder, you can glue this if you want but it does stay closed on it;s own. 

Now glue the white trim into place, you can see the collar goes to the front of the holder and folds around the back, the front of the holder scoops downwards, you will see this on the pictures. 
thread the buckle onto the belt and glue the belt in place, just make sure you end up with the buckle on the front of the holder ;)
Aren't they just the cutest thing to have on the dining table?