Friday, 26 December 2014

Gypsy Caravan 
Assembly Instructions
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Here's what you have on your mat

I have labelled them in this image to help you see what part is what.

Cut all your components including the decorative paper parts also cut 16 wheels

First of all glue 4 wheels together stacking them like this will give you stability. 1 single layer of card for the wheels is too flimsy.

Let them dry.

Build the base section
The orange parts
It's an oblong box for the caravan shell to sit onto.
Glue all your decorative panels to your main parts
Now build the caravan
The brown parts
2 sides a front (with door hole and back)

The roof
You should have glued the decorative panel on to this. 
Give it a curve before attaching it to the caravan
, once you've curved it it will be easier to glue it in place to the main caravan. 

It glues to the 2 sides sections using the glue tabs
It has a little over hang at the back and more at the front, check the images to see for positioning

Glue on your window frames, shutters and split door.

Also glue the decorative corner panels to the front and back of the caravan and now glue the caravan to the base, lining the back of the decorative panels up with the back of the base.

Now to build the stairs
Each step slots through the side of the stairs fold the glue tab down and glue in place, do this with all 4 steps and both sides, now you can glue it to the front of the base of the caravan using the glue tabs at the top

Time to add the wheels..

You need to make sure you get them all level. and also the need to be the right height for the steps to touch the floor or just off the floor.
 Glue all 4 wheel in place and that's your caravan finished. Add any other decoration or embellishments to add you own personal touch :)