Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Winter Cottage & Christmas Carols
Pop up card scenes

Assembly Instructions 
First of all cut all your components in your choice of card.
The main base has only a fold in the middle, The base for the layers to be attached to has a fold line and 3 or4 angled cut lines depending on the design, these cut lines are for you to slide the layers into and glue them from underneath making a nice neat top on your design, cut this part in thin card or paper

If there's velum to be glued to buildings do this now. 

Now, Glue your front layer into place,each layer has 2 long tabs, fold the first layer backwards and the rest of layers fold forwards, this will keep it all neat on the base when you come to glue it on the main base, now work back from there with each layer securing them neatly with glue or tape

Now attach your top base layer to the main base layer. Keep it all flat and glue in place, let it all dry before you try and fold it. 
Now it's time to put any silhouette parts in place, they just glue to the front of the second fence layer, you can put in in any position you prefer or you can copy the one I did on the image.
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