Monday, 3 November 2014

Ferris wheel
 Assembly instructions

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I would advice you to cut 4 wheels and 4 frames (the triangular section that holds the wheel) and glue 2 together this is  to add stability to the Ferris wheel.

First make the spindle (the part that goes through the middle of the wheel) it’s a hexagon shape, the 2 tabs on each end need gluing so that the final decorative ends will stick to them. Remember to keep the wheel templates lined up when gluing them together as the pattern is not perfectly symmetrical and will show if you don’t line them up. 
I have only put one of each of the following on the mat.. Chairs, canopy, bar to hang chairs on, chair and canopy decoration. You will need to cut 8 of each of these

Slot one side of the wheel onto the spindle making sure the little tabs go to the inside of the Ferris wheel, do the same with the second one keeping it aligned with the other one, this is important because the Bars for the seats will be wonky, and you don’t want a wonky seat.

Now slot the framework onto the spindle one on each side again keeping the tabs to the inside. Now glue the decorative end caps (the circles with scalloped edges) onto each end of the spindle – leave to dry.. The wheel and the frame will be glued later)

Whilst waiting for the glue to dry you can build your seats. The seats are the ones with the hooks on them, if you’re adding decorative paper do this before building them. The templates are also there for the decorative parts on the chairs and the canopies. Once the seats are made you can do the same with the canopies and then glue them to the top of the hooks on the seats (there’s a tab for this)

Now.. back to the wheel..

You will have 8 bars that slot through the circles on the wheel, only slot 4 in for now (one in the top, bottom and left and right)  slot them into the both wheels –they’re a bit fiddly but take your time. They should be in line if you made sure you kept each wheel lined up with each other.  Now you can glue the small tabs on the wheels that are on the spindle, keeping them the same distance apart as the bars for the seats, this is also a bit fiddly – again take your time.

Now you can glue the frames in place too, they will sit on the edge of the spindle next to the decorative end cap.

Now for the important bit.. Go and make a cuppa whilst those bits dry 

Now they have dried you can put the rest of the bars for the seats in place. They do swivel but this was just to make it easier to get them in as it’s fiddly enough. The top of the bar is the bit that has the middle raised, the hooks slot onto the wheel to hold them in place. Now you have all the bars in you can hook your chairs on, you will see there’s a little slot on each side on to top under the canopy, this just slots nicely over the top of the bar one either side of the raised bit and the will sit there quite nicely even with a little rock if the wheel is touched..

I hope these instructions are easy enough to follow. Please get in touch of you have any problems and also remember to add something to the feedback please

Happy Crafting!